Fran Baker, Author

"A warm, wonderful knockout of a book" Julie Garwood, NYT bestselling author

King of the Mountain
Fran Baker

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"This tenderly written love story is one you won't soon forget" Romantic Times

Large Print edition of Bantam Loveswept #363

Kitty Reardon was sunshine and shadow in one enticing package, Ben Cooper thought, but they were opposites in every way. He was rich, the mine owner, and management; she was poor, a coal miner, and union for three generations back. But when his car struck hers on a dark rain-slick road, and he pulled her to safety just in time, Kitty felt a shocking attraction to the man whose eyes promised both danger and pleasure. How could she press charges for reckless driving when he'd risked his life to save her? And how could she conquer her terror of his touch, afraid he'd kiss her . . . and afraid he never would?