Fran Baker, Author


The Talk of the Town by Fran Baker

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Set in 1933, this "delightfully steamy read speaks right to the heart of romance readers" (Publishers Weekly)

Miss Antiqua's Adventure by Fran Baker

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Antiqua Greybill doesn't care that the handsome stranger thinks her a lightskirt so long as he takes her with him back to England. She has a dangerous mission to complete, and nothing less than the escape of Napoleon Bonaparte depends upon the delivery of the secret papers hidden in her muff. More dangerous yet, however, are the stranger's skillful kisses and the discovery that he is the notorious Jack Vincent - the very man she is fleeing!

This is the fourth book in The Misses Regency series by Fran Baker.

"If you're looking for exquisite Regency romance, look no further than Fran Baker" - Julianne MacLean, USA Today bestselling author

Miss Rose and the Rakehell by Fran Baker

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Only a rogue like Colin Phillips would choose a bride on the basis of a careless wager. And only a rakehell like Colin would then fall in love with his betrothed's grey-eyed sister! Country spinster Rose Lawrence is determined to ignore Colin's knowing, mocking gaze, to resist his darkly handsome smile, and to rebuff his perfect, polished charm. But can she deny her own traitorous heart?

Pursuing Miss Pippa by Fran Baker

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How has Pippa Walker succeeded in attaching Garrett Steelman, Marquis of Duval - and notorious rake - as an ardent suitor when so many other young ladies (and their determined mamas) have failed? The ton is all agog! Only Pippa knows the truth: She was compromised by a kiss from the drunken marquis, whose affections clearly lie elsewhere, and he is merely honoring his obligation to ask for her hand. But Pippa has sworn to marry only for love . . .

Miss Francie's Folly by Fran Baker

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Three years ago Francie Hampton shocked the ton by jilting Sir Thomas Spencer at their bethrothal ball when she discovered that he kept several lightskirts. How dare Sir Thomas now ask to marry her sister! Gentle Mary should not be married to a proud, tyrannical rake. But Francie protested too much against the man who long ago had won her heart...though not her hand.

"MISS FRANCIE'S FOLLY is a wonderful story of misbehavior in a society that stresses correct etiquette. The story is full of emotional scenes and untoward developments everyone who loves Regency romances will enjoy." Robin Lee, Romance Reviews Today

Romeo, Romeo
By Fran Baker

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Maggie Kelly Romeo and Gian Romeo have a great time playing opposing roles in the courtroom. But a vacancy on the bench proves disastrous when both are asked to apply.

“This hot, funny, smart romantic comedy will make readers think of a great Tracy and Hepburn film, with a side dish of hearty passion. Fran Baker knows how to generate heat and humor!”
Deborah Smith, New York Times bestselling author

The Widow and The Wildcatter
By Fran Baker
Bantam Loveswept #246 (out of print)
Bantam Classic #31 (out of print)

"Imaginative and vivid" Romantic Times

"Fran Baker strikes it rich" Rendezvous

"Baker's poignant story shows how a woman can carry on a normal, productive life until someone comes along to release her love once more" NovelTalk Reviews

Chance McCoy had hair as black as Oklahoma crude and a devastating smile, and when fate drew Joni Fletcher to him, fiery emotion crackled between them with the speed of summer lightning. But Joni had no room in her life for another man who would build her hopes and break her heart, a man who'd drill a well but never put down roots. Chance knew she'd never let go of the past until he vanquished her ghosts, but could a passion that was part savage heat and part splendid fire teach the woman who'd branded his soul with desire that his promises added up to love?

Once A Warrior by Fran Baker
Delphi Books
Trade Paper - ISBN 0-9663397-0-3
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"An enduring love story written against a background of war" Publishers Weekly

Fran Baker sweeps her fans into an epic family story written against the wars that shaped generations of Americans. A realistic yet sensitive story of love and friendship, courage and cowardice, this powerful saga is filled with rich emotion, high tension and stunning passion.

A triumph of love amid war, of love against all the odds, Once A Warrior is as timeless a tale as Casablanca.

The Lady and the Champ by Fran Baker
Thorndike Press Large Print
ISBN 0-7862521-6-2
Doubleday/Bantam Fanfare (out of print)

"A warm, wonderful knockout of a book" Julie Garwood, NYT bestselling author

"Delightfully reminiscent of the early Hepburn and Tracy movies, The Lady and the Champ will charm you into next week. A joy to read! 5 Stars!
The Midwest Book Review

He was a man worth loving ... Walking into that fight gym was the hardest thing Maureen Bryant had ever done, but the painful memories of the father she barely knew vanished the instant she beheld the fighter in the ring. All sculpted muscles and sun-bronzed skin, Jack Ryan was the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen, a sleek Adonis whose powerful physique left her weak. But she knew better than to surrender her heart to another man who'd give her up without a second thought.

She was a woman worth fighting for ... One look at the gym's new owner and Jack Ryan almost went down for the count. Yet he knew that beneath her elegant exterior Sully's long-lost daughter couldn't have a heart. Sully had been the father Jack had always needed, the only person who could have turned a troubled youth around. Now Jack was ready to do anything--even climb back into the ring for the biggest challenge of his life--to save Sully's gum from the woman who would let it die. But even as he put on the gloves, something told him that the real fight would be in letting Maureen go.

San Antonio Rose by Fran Baker
Bantam Loveswept #474 (out of print)

"Vibrantly fresh characters and a wonderfully impeccable background ambience" Romantic Times

Once Rafe Martinez had held her under a mid-summer moon and pledged his love. When he left her without warning, something inside Jeannie Crane died ... but her son, their son, had lived. When Rafe learned the truth at her father's funeral, Jeannie felt regret at his pain, relief that the secret was finally out, and terror that Rafe would fight her for custody. Rafe's betrayal still burned . . . but so did her desire for the only man she'd ever loved. Rafe confessed that her father had driven him away, had shattered his pride and made him swear revenge. Could they undo the damage, and lay the past to rest? And could Jeannie give Rafe the courage to reclaim his family without sacrificing his dreams?

King of the Mountain by Fran Baker
Bantam Loveswept #363 (out of print)
Bantam Classic #25 (out of print)
eBook from Belgrave House

"This tenderly written love story is one you won't soon forget" Romantic Times

Kitty Reardon was sunshine and shadow in one enticing package, Ben Cooper thought, but they were opposites in every way. He was rich, the mine owner, and management; she was poor, a coal miner, and union for three generations back. But when his car struck hers on a dark rain-slick road, and he pulled her to safety just in time, Kitty felt a shocking attraction to the man whose eyes promised both danger and pleasure. How could she press charges for reckless driving when he'd risked his life to save her? And how could she conquer her terror of his touch, afraid he'd kiss her . . . and afraid he never would?

Seeing Stars by Fran Baker
Bantam Loveswept #161 (out of print)
Waldenbooks Bestseller List

eBook from Belgrave House

"Baker knows the secret of empathetic characterizations" Romantic Times

It was his laugh that had stolen her heart, Dovie Brown realized immediately ... that husky chuckle as he released the beautiful rainbow trout. But before she could meet the mystery fisherman, she slipped into the riveer, and the next thing she knew she was cradled in the man's arms! Nothing about Nick Monroe was as it seemed. A brilliant doctor who'd suffered a tragic accident, he'd lost his sense of who he was ... until he saw how Dovie needed him. She'd spent years raising eight brothers and sisters, never knowing the pleasure of a lover's fierce embrace ... until Nick. But could she make him realize it was love she offered, not pity?

On Love's Own Terms
By Cathlyn McCoy (AKA Fran Baker)
Silhouette Desire #132 (out of print)
Waldenbooks Bestseller List

eBook from Belgrave House

Sweet passion remembered ... Why, after seven long years, did Luke Ford still have the power to hurt her? She'd left their marriage behind and tried to forget, succeeding beyond her wildest dreams as a caterer in New York. But Bonnie was home again, back in Georgia to orchestrate her sister's wedding to Luke's brother. Luke was a self-made tycoon now, more devastating than ever. Shamelessly she abandoned herself to him, her reason and common sense betrayed by passion. Luke wanted a second chance, but could she risk her heart again? Did she really have any choice?

Love in the China Sea
By Judith Baker (AKA Fran Baker)
Silhouette Desire #21 (out of print)
eBook from Belgrave House

To the farthest shores of desire ...

Kai Shanpei, mysterious Eurasian tycoon, was as much a part of Hong Kong as its crescent harbor, teeming streets and the jagged mountains looming above. From the moment she met him, Anne Hunter was lost in his spell, plucked from the prosaic reality of life as a foreign correspondent to learn, in is arms, the secrets of love. She was his "lotus beauty" now, lost in a dream of rapture forevermore ...

When Last We Loved
By Judith Baker (AKA Fran Baker)
Silhouette Desire #5 (out of print)
Launch Book for the line
eBook from Belgrave House

She hadn't planned on love ...

She was a dirt farmer's daughter from west Texas, passionately involved with the boss of the Diamond T empire. But Cassie Creighton was driven to achieve stardom in country music, her passport to wealth, independence, self-respect. She thought she could leave Hoyt Temple behind--until he took charge of her career and left her heart on hold. Suddenly, she was a star. But she couldn't forget the embraces that left her breathless and the dizzying rapture she felt in his arms.